Miss wood to be a Governess.

Miss Wood has very kindly agreed to take over Ms Grangers position on www.the-english-governess.com. Earlier this year Miss Granger left the scene. This left a vacancy for a Governess. For any that don’t know, Miss Wood has appeared on several of our sites and was one of the first women to appear on www.strictladies.com back in 2002. Her speciality is discipline. First and for most she is a very strict disciplinarian and favours the roles of Aunty and Headmistress. There for I think she will make an excellent Governess.

Her first Governess shoot will be in early Sept. (Although if possible we may try to do an earlier one as well.) There are places for four charges to take part in the shoots. All will need to be able to caning to a hard level. (Miss Wood is a very hard caner and will not hold back.)



The terms are.
All applicants must be able to take a high level of punishment, upto and including severe bare bottom caning.

Must be willing to sign a release and bring ID.

It’s not essential for faces of the men to be seen, but priority will be given to men who don’t have ID issues. (Because it’s easier for me to film).


Please apply to webmaster@the-english-governess.com


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