Miss York. The Equestrian Mistress – Professional Disciplinarian

I throughly enjoy punishing a mans bare bottom. While I am nice and approachable, I can be very strict and cruel. My favourite roles to give punishment are.

  • The Equestrian Mistress. This comes natural to me as I spend most of my life wearing jodhpurs. Only with you, there will be bare bottom whipping and caning.
  • School Mistress.  I love playing school mistress. I love the whole thing. The telling off, the caning or tawsing. I particularly like adult schoolboys (or girls) who are cheeky!
  • Mom or Aunty.  Trust me, if I’m your Mom or Aunty, you will go over my knee. I also have a thing for belting. Having my naughty boy bent over the arm of the sofa with his pants down, while I have a belt in my hand is an idea of a good time.

I can be contacted through email at equestrianmistress@gmail.com

Note: A deposit is required to secure a session with me.


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