Miss Strictland – Professional disciplinarian.

I provide professional discipline services for a limited number of discerning corporal punishment enthusiasts. I use discrete premises located in South Yorkshire, with private parking. Fully equipped for traditional CP scenes. There is a school room as well as a room dedicated to domestic role play with suitable furniture. I have been into the spanking and CP scene for well over 20 years and been a professional CP provider for over 15 years.

I am very well equipped and pride myself on the amount of high quality CP equipment that I have collected over the years and my ability to use it. I always have no less than 50 canes available to use and at least 20 or 30 high quality leather straps made by the best implement manufacturers. On top of that I have a massive collection of slippers, hairbrushes, paddles to use on my naughty boys.

The school room is filled with genuine antique school furniture, including a blackboard, desks and a vaulting horse.

I am available by appointment only and only offer strict traditional CP services.

I can be contacted through katie@miss-strictland.com


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