Miss Buffy Brown – Professional disciplinarian

Miss Buffy Brown administers corporal punishment. Miss Buffy Brown derives great pleasure and have personal enthusiasm for the task at hand, but it would be extremely unfortunate if you were to assume that Miss Buffy Brown would pursue Her duties for the benefit of your depraved and delusional pathetic satisfaction, however perverted.


Miss Buffy Brown punishes, not because you deserve it, but because I deserve it. I. Me. Miss Brown. Your Headmistress, and She who you must answer to and obey at all times. .

I cant imagine a better place than over my knee, squirming as I spank your bare bottom repeatedly , causing you to howl .I want you to stand in the corner as I read the punishment book to see what recent misdemeanors you have engaged in . To my delight , its 6 of the best ..touch your toes and stick it out . Do you understand? Good.

Now repeat after me.

I must not…

Email: missbuffybrown@hotmail.com


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