Mistress Brook – Professional disciplinarian

Do you need to have your trousers taken down and be turned across a strict ladies knee?

Yes!…Then you had better report to me young man!


I offer a strict discipline service of traditional over the knee spankings, slipperings. I especially enjoy giving hard hairbrush spankings that genuinely hurt. Caning and belting a naughty (adult) boy as his bent over the back of a chair is also a particular favourite of mine.

I am also very adept at role play. So can be very convincing as your babysitter, aunt, boss or teacher. I’m also happy to administer punishment without role play. So if your just looking for a good hard no nonsense punishment, I’ll be more than happy to oblige.

I do sessions in near Sheffield & Birmingham

A deposit is required to secure all appointments. I don’t negotiate on this.

Email for further information elle@missbrook.com


Note from webmaster.

I have been spanked by Mistress Brook many times. She is hard, and also very good at role play. Although very understanding and perceptive she can be very strict.

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