Miss Reed – Professional Disciplinarian

I am Miss Reed, I enjoy teacher and step mother role play where I get to punish a naughty boys bare bottom. I have a particular liking for the tawse and enjoy applying it to the hands or bottom.

I get immense enjoyment from hearing the words ‘Yes Miss,’ or ‘Thank you Miss,’ especially during punishment. If I am tawsing your hands I will make you look me in the eye’s as I tawse you. Further more I will not hold back. I love seeing the painful look on a man’s face as my tawse strikes his hand.



As your step mother, I will put you across my knee and take a slipper to your bare bottom. I will push your head right down and hold you tight. I also like to cross my legs when you are across my knee, so lift your bottom up and tighten the skin. I must warn you, I also like to tawse as a step mother. In fact I’d like to wear my tawse out on my naughty stepsons up turned bottom



Please note; I DO NOT offer any kind of sex. I offer good old fashioned corporal punishment.

I am located in the Peak District near Sheffield.



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