• Punishment Archive – Updated

    The Punishment Archive has recently been updated with over 60 videos totalling over 5 hours worth of material. They now currently have over 30 hours worth of videos online. The Punishment Archive brings you classic […]

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Naughty Girls Love To Spank

  Miranda has caught Michelle misbehaving and threatens to go and tell Miss Strictland. Michelle, fearing for her poor backside, begs her not to and as a compromise agrees that Miranda can spank her instead. Miranda is more than eager to punish Michelle’s bottom and takes her over her knee, yanks her knickers down, and sets about giving her a good roasting. […]

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The sheer joy

The joy of taking my anger out on a well presented bare bottom. I’m writing my own update today because the webmaster thinks he deserves a holiday. You just can’t get the staff. So I’m strapping caning Snitchingtons bare bottom because he deserves it and it makes me happy. I need more like him, that will bend over and take […]

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