• Punishment Archive – Updated

    The Punishment Archive has recently been updated with over 60 videos totalling over 5 hours worth of material. They now currently have over 30 hours worth of videos online. The Punishment Archive brings you classic […]

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Simpson, Back For a Spanking!

After a long absence, Simpson turns up back on Miss Strictland’s doorstep and it seems she’s secretly more than eager to be getting her bottom roasted again. Her cheeky attitude gets her dragged straight over Miss’ knee and she gets spanked on her jeans, her knickers, on the bare, and even goes so far as to tell miss to “fuck off” so she’ll […]

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The face slapping, mouth soaping contest.

Four of our ladies have chosen a preference between mouth soaping and face slapping as punishment for a potty mouth. (As well as the usual punishment). The contest is to guess the preference of each lady. The contest is being ran on twitter and will run for a week. In the event of more that one person guessing right. The […]

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